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Published in: 02/01/2023

Indemnities , Indemnities

Everyone who is entitled to receive will be contacted by Renova, payments will be made until March 31, 2023.

This month, the Renova Foundation started paying compensation for loss of profit, referring to 2022. The value corresponds to the income from the productive activity that the affected person stopped earning as a direct result of the Fundão dam collapse (MG).

Whoever signed the agreement in the Mediated Indemnity Program (PIM), and received indemnity for loss of profit in previous years and remained eligible, will receive the amount referring to the period of duration of the impact in the year 2022.

Payments will be made until March 31, 2023, and everyone who is entitled to receive them will be contacted by the Renova Foundation. The service will be remote and will take place in the modality that the claimant prefers, which can be by email, WhatsApp or with meetings by audio and videoconference. The details of each modality will be explained by the team during the first contact to schedule the negotiations. Accompaniment by an attorney is optional in the consultations.

The indemnity proposal for loss of profit takes into account the agreement already entered into in the PIM and, based on it, the amount of indemnity for the damage suffered will be calculated. Therefore, the proposals will be personalized and those affected will be able to receive different amounts, which will be taxed as provided by the Federal Revenue Service. Last year, the amount reached R$79 million for around 2,340 people affected.

After accepting the proposal and signing the Term of Agreement, the indemnity will be credited to a bank account, which must be in the name of the person affected. The Renova Foundation will send an SMS informing the payment to the phone number provided in the register.

Professional category fishermen

The Renova Foundation clarifies that professional category fishermen with the General Registry of Fishing Activity (RGP) and ACTIVE/DEFERRED between January 1, 2014 and November 5, 2015, according to information sent by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Water Supply (MAPA), through the Aquaculture and Fisheries Secretariat (SAP), between February 2021 and January 2023, will remain eligible. Names with the status “INAPT” will have the payment of loss of profit interrupted, and if no information about the claimant appears in the base sent, he must request supporting documentation from SAP, as determined by the Court – “Official Declaration”, through the link: – to continue receiving the Loss of Profit.

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