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Renova Foundation clarifies about water supply in Regencia

Published in: 03/07/2018

Renova Foundation

Water tank trucks will continue to supply the village until the Water Treatment Plant is operational

The Renova Foundation clarifies that the water that is used to supply Regencia, in Espirito Santo, is still coming from the Linhares Autonomous Water Sanitation Service (SAAE) and is transported to the village by water tank trucks.

Only after the renovation of the Water Treatment Plant (ETA) has been completed, scheduled for late March, will the water supply to Regencia by water tank trucks come to an end, but the community will be advised in advance by the Renova Foundation when the plant is put into operation.

Renova also clarifies that the reports attesting the potability of water coming from the ETA, validated by SAAE, will also be made available to the community.

The works to renovate and modernize the water treatment plant are in the final testing stage and aim to guarantee a water supply of good quality for the entire town of Regencia.

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